Holiday Gift Pack by Gerry

I love all three. I was going to give one away as a gift but I’m keeping it instead. The peppermint with a hint of cocoa is my favorite. The other two, vanilla and frankincense also have a nice scent to them. All 3 are light and make your hands feel nice and smooth.

Vanilla Hand Cream by Danielle

This lotion is amazing! I’m a Pilates instructor/business owner and I’m constantly washing my hands and it’s really important that I have a great hand cream to keep my hands moisturized and this cream is AMAAAAAZING!! So great and all my clients love it and want more! I just ordered a bunch and it will stay stocked in my studio and house. There nothing like it!

Luscious Lemon by Rita

Love this light lemon scent. My 4yo has always disliked using lotions. He fell in love with this scent and started asking for the cream after baths and face washing. Now my 2yo insists on using these creams. We use it on his hand, body and face. And so far so good for our eczema. All works very well. It’s not a heavy scent so no headaches from the smell. It leaves your hands feeling soft for hours. Can’t wait for new scents!

Citrus Gift Package by Debi

These creams smell so yummy and feel so good! They arrived yesterday so I used the Luscious Lemon first and put some on before bed I woke up this morning with the softest hands! The aroma lulled me to sleep all night – what pleasant dreams I had. I also LOVE the Fresh Morning Grapefruit. Grapefruit is not my first choice for body products but this one I love! It is different than any other grapefruit I have smelled. Can’t wait to try my holiday gift pack. Sarah’s creams are the best gift you could give to your hands, during winter and all year long.

Orange Blossom Whipped Body Butter by Jessica

This fragrance is absolutely amazing. It smells fresh and clean but not overpowering or perfumy. Not to mention it made my skin feel absolutely amazing. I don’t know about you, but when I shave my legs I need something extra moisturizing. This body butter worked so much better than my usual lotion and I used half as much! And how can you go wrong with all the natural high-quality ingredients? Great product.