Thank you so much for stopping by! It's such a pleasure to have you visit my online store and take an interest in our products!

There are a few questions I hear, and I wanted to address them with you here. If you have more questions, please feel free to click on "Contact" above and we'll help you right away.

1. I see that most of your ingredients are organic, why aren't your products certified organic?

Oh I love this question! As I've developed these products, I've taken great care to find the best, cleanest ingredients to put into each hand-made batch we made. Where I can get certified organic ingredients, I do.

That being said, in order to be certified organic, there are certain things that are not allowed, one of them is the preservative we use. It's called Biguanide. It's a paraben-free, formaldahyde-free preservative, and it's so gentle and safe that it's used in contact lens solution! You can put it directly in your eye, right into your body, with zero side effects. I love it, and I'm so proud to use it in our products. When we were looking into becoming certified, this one ingredient knocked us out of contention. Suggested replacements were citric acid and different sodium compounds. These compounds, while organic, can be harmful if touched without gloves, and have been known to cause side effects - especially in skin care products. I couldn't bring myself to substitute our safe, albeit man-made, preservative with these others.

So with all of that in mind, there are a few petitions out o the National Organic Program (NOP) about our preservative specifically, and we hope they review it soon, and recognize that it can be safety in organic products. Until then, we'll keep using the best that nature has to offer!

2. Do you use fragrance oils?

Yes, we do! I know there is a lot of "green washing" going on and brands are hiding parabens and other sneaky ingredients in through the word "fragrance" in the ingredient list. I know that synthetic fragrance are on the absolute "NO" list for some people, and we completely respect that. For those that want only organic essential oils used as fragrances, we suggest all of our citrus scents and the peppermint (during the holidays). We always say in the product description which creams and butters use fragrance oils so you can steer clear of them if you'd like to. For those that love our Birthday Cake and Cotton Candy, you can still enjoy those as well, knowing that we use the same high quality organic ingredients in all of our products.

3. Sometimes on hot days, I can see the oil in my hand cream, why?

Ah, just like the coconut oil in your kitchen, our fresh, natural ingredients will adhere to different states, based on the temperature of the room. And because we don't use chemical fillers or stabilizers, you may see the oil from our organic coconut oil and organic almond oil. If that happens, you can easily stir your cream or butter and the oil will mix right back in.

4. Can I get your creams without nuts?

Yes! Our Plain Jain is made with grapeseed oil instead of almond oil. If you'd like any of our other scents to be made with grapeseed oil, you can place a special order with us by clicking on the "Contact" link above. We do ask for three extra days to create your special nut-free order. We do use coconut oil in our nut-free batches, but our coconut oil is processed in a nut-free facility. And while we use separate equipment for our nut-free orders, and we do everything we can to protect against contamination, we are not a fully nut-free facility.