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My name is Sarah Walton and I’m the founder of Better Way Moms, Better Way to Start the Day and LOVE by Sarah Walton. I’ve made it my mission in life to remind women that taking care of ourselves is key to our happiness, and to the happiness of those around us.

The products you find in this store have been hand-crafted by me, with the utmost care, love and focus, all with you in mind. They are from my heart and from my own experiences and growth. As women, we use our hands every day: we wipe away tears, we give hugs, we shake hands on deals, we send e-mail and we cook and clean. And sometimes, we can feel like no one notices. I want you to know that I know what you do. My name is on my products so you remember that I'm here with you.I know your struggles and triumphs, and I appreciate what you do.

Everything you see in my store was designed to remind you that you matter, too. You deserve to find a moment in every day that’s just for you.

Always remember that none of us is alone, all of us hit tough spots and really high points. Every time you reach for one of my products, I want you to remember that you can create your own Better Way – and no, you’re not crazy for thinking what’s out there isn’t working.

We can never cram ourselves into someone else’s idea of what’s “right” or “ideal”. We’re all individuals, and our paths will be just as unique as we are. I say it’s time we all find our own Better Way path.

I hope that as you browse the shop, you get inspired and ready to create your world, your way, and remember that you've got my support and love as you create.